Here are our policies.

These will be held in the Basil Jellicoe Hall managed by Origin Housing and facilitated by the steering group.
When in the Hall we will comply with the Health and Safety policy of the facility.
Members of the steering group will familiarise themselves with this policy.
At least 2 people attending a meeting will be designated to act as stewards and will have familiarised themselves with how to evacuate the building.
We do not have a First Aider but will actively seek to recruit.

Tours and walks
At present these will be lead by qualified guides from Camden Tour guides or those from similar organisations with appropriate skills and cover.
It is an aspiration that local people will be able to lead walks after practical guidance and with appropriate cover.

Equal Opportunities
The Equal Opportunities policy of the hiring policy for Basil Jellicoe Hall will be adhered to.
Sharing of stories
Sharing stories is an integral part of the groups reason for being. We are an open organisation however acknowledge we will need to work to some guidelines to ensure fair participation .
Those who wish to share their stories will be guided in the following
Only to share stories that they are happy to be made public.
Be open to another view of a story/ memory and all parties to accept that memory is a fallible concept.
The facilitator of the meeting will guide discussion back to these concepts should the Equal Opportunities clause be compromised and or the content be causing disagreement.

The Safeguarding policy for hiring of Basil Jellicoe Hall will be adhered to noting that policies of this nature are relevant to Children and vulnerable adults
Due to the nature of the meetings it is not anticipated that unaccompanied children will attend. Publicity for activities aimed at all ages will state clearly children are to be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult.

Photography/recording/social media
Photography for sponsors
Reports for sponsors will mean occasionally photographs will need to be taken.  In this situation consent will be obtained including information on how these photographs are to be used.
Permission will be sort from Origin Housing or the Big Local to safely store consent forms for the appropriate length of time.
Participants will be advised that our meetings and activities are not occasions for private photography /recording /filming for personal use or use on social media. Any such recording in whatever form will not be tolerated (unless specific permission is obtained).

Filming for projects sensitive to Somers Town Stories outcomes
It is anticipated that individuals and groups will approach the group to record and document the stories and memories that are expressed . The Treatment for these projects will be discussed at the start of an event when such groups are present and they will be responsible for obtaining consent.
Individuals are free to participate in filming/photographs away from the Somers Town Stories activities but can seek guidance from the steering group.

Somers Town History Club
February 2016