Old photos, walks, and films event

Somers Town archival films and photos feature in an event called Somers Town: What Future? next week.

What are the history highlights?

  • Locals are invited to join in – come along to the exhibition, or add your photos hereAll new photos will be displayed in alongside archive photos – so ‘Then and Now’. 
  • Friday 6pm – Historical Documentary film Somers Town with archive footage of Slum clearance with Sue Crockford in attendance
  • walk on Saturday 2pm with Camden Tour Guide Fabien Watkinson – you may learn something new about Oakshott Court!

Where & when?

June 16-18th 2016 meet at local Chalton gallery in Chalton Street.

We did a recee today with Fabien and long time Somers Town residents George, Doug and Mimi had plenty to add!