A funereal Halloween

Funeral in 1930.

The real meaning and origin of Halloween, ‘Hallow tide’, its pagan origins, links in Day of the dead, funerals and the movement of graves was covered in November’s event. With a quiz, an enlightening talk by warden Racheal from Old St Pancras Church, and a history from Andrew from Levertons, the longstanding family of local undertakers to Princess Diana, Ronnie Biggs, Mrs Thatcher, Malcolm McClaren, Ian Drury and many Somers Town locals – we were in good company.

And, of course, the famous Pearly King of St Pancras as shown here in a Pathe clip.

The best question of the evening was a tie between “Are there many punch-ups?” and “What is the secret of your success?”-  asked to an undertaker!

Well, we’re all dying to get in.