Heritage centre + digital mapping

Spatial map of Somers Town Land Use .
Spatial map of Somers Town Land Use .

A great Valentine’s day with a resounding show of support for both the idea of a Somers Town Heritage Centre, and to make the area a ‘Conservation area‘ based on its rich mix of social housing – a show of hands at the Neighbourhood Forum was unanimous!

With a interesting presentation by Polly Hudson of the UCL Researcher, on her site and project ‘Colouring London’, invited by The History Club, to see how we in Somers Town might be  ‘prototype’ to use digital mapping to map our heritage – by you inputting info which indicate via colour age of the assets. Apparently Chalton Street has buildings of very varied ages – a sign of health!

If you’re interested in any of these or to offer your help in any of the above, please more contact us below.

For more:

Colouring London Project description – Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis

The Whitechapel link is https://surveyoflondon.org/  This is only relevant  an example of online historical research crowdsourcing projects,


Approximately 14 categories of data will be crowdsourced including building age, use, type size, designation status and rebuild history. The project will also create links with the National Heritage List for England, the Greater London Historic Environment Record, and the “Layers of London” initiative.”