How to join a Skype call

Here’s a short guide to how to get connected to a Skype call. You may find that you’re being invited to online calls. Here’s how to get connected

So you’ve been invited via a link. You click the link and see this:

The Skype invitation

You also may be invited to download the Skype App. (That’s the best option)

You see two options:
Join as a guest (24 hr access via your browser – but must be Chrome or Edge) OR
Sign in or create

If you download the App. Here’s what you see:

Step 2: Click Open.

Step 3: Then Save the application to your computer or device.

Saving to your computer (Mac)

When you open the app on your device, this should appear on your device. You’ve opened Skype!

Step 4: Set up your account Username and password.
You then need to Sign in (shown below)

Then type in your password:

There are other means to call online:

What’sApp – easiest on your smartphone and free.

Zoom Free up to 3 people for 40 mins – more you need to pay and subscribe.

Facetime (iPhone/ iPad Apple only)

In short there are so many ways to connect; speak to and see your friends and loved ones is great via a video call and its free online!

More to follow on expert Skyping!

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