Somers Town is in the Open House Festival 2020!

Demolition in progress.

Our very own Esther Leslie has an event at Open House Festival called ‘Somers Town: Disappearances and Emergencies‘ – more here

Very timely, with 42 Phoenix Road demolition in progress, as shown here, and the hoardings marking the disappearance of our park Brill Place open space for the erection of the 28-storey luxury tower block, which will tower over all of Somers Town.

She has also contributed a chapter on Somers Town / Camden to an Open House book on boroughs by Owen Hatherley.

The walk:

The promise of this walk is exposure to the stains of dense historical layering – traces of speculators, Romantics, Anarchists, reformers – amid scandalous changes, happening before your eyes, in a place long overlooked and now obliterable.

It’s sold out but we will report on it.

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