Made of Somers Town memories

Made of Somers Town is an exhibition of posters as a response to the changes in the area.

This is a street exhibition on the hoardings of the demolished building 42 Phoenix Road.

A Private View will be held on January 14th. Tickets here.

Surrounded by massive developments, this area is dubbed a future ‘Palo Alto’ by new tech venture capitalists; Phoenix Road itself has lost several buildings and is to be redeveloped – HS2 funds the carving of a new green route for commuters between the stations that surround it; a new luxury tower proclaims “Made of King’s Cross“. Just who decides what identity an area has? 

The eagled-eyed might spot in posters a number of buildings that have been knocked down in Somers Town or surrounding area in recent years:

the old Goods yard wall along Ossulston Street

the old convent and Maria Fedelis on Phoenix Road Locally listed

42 Phoenix Road Locally listed

A block off Hampstead Road demolished by HS2 works

the Police depot that used to be Evening Standard building

the green park where they are now building a new luxury tower block

More on this exhibition is here


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