Made of Somers Town… last night!

Man holding photo
Rent stike

The History Club was back with voices from Somers Town old (and less old!) in an online Private View which brought to life through people’s memories characters from the mum’s club in the 1950; MP Lena Jaegar being taken home by Cllr Robinson; the Red flag being flown over Camden Council; the Rent Strike, why the Pearlies appear at every Festival and the first cigarette ever smoked – its all happened here.. in Somers Town. And a memorial and Tributes to Alan Paterson, co-founder of the Festival.

You had to be there! Recordings coming soon.

In the. meantime take a look at some of the photos online here or if you are in the vicinity they are still there on the hoardings in Phoenix Road, NW1.


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