We’ve successfully launched our fundraising Campaign for People’s Museum so please do Back our project here.
Thank you for the support – nearly 100 likes and already 10 more pledges!

Have a look at our page and do tell us if you have any tips for events we could use to fundraise!

Reasons to back this

Because …

…we need to keep the character of London’s areas
 ..Somers Town is at risk from huge bland developments …memory and heritage matter to identity and soul
…100 years of social housing needs to be celebrated.. working class culture matters’s scandalous that the Gilbert Bayes ‘art in everyday life’ was stolen in this Fairy tale district – we commit to replace
…of Mary Wollstonecraft, Godwin, Shelley, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, George Padmore , Claudia Jones – all lived or worked here
…all communities and diversity should be celebrated
…local people matter  it’s a People’s museum 
…this will help the area recover 
…you enjoyed our events, exhibitions, parties or read one of our four publications or films

And we pledge to bring this to life to benefit this area in return. 
That’s what this is about.

Please note: this is a pledge – NO Money is taken until we reach our full target.

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