We want to hear from you!

Aerial view of British Library

The History Club want to hear from you – local views on the new development at the British library.

Details below.


  1. Views on the garden March 25th

1pm on Thursday 25th March: Please join use this Zoom link

2. Views on a People’s Museum April 1st

Please join at 6pm on Thursday 1st April To join use this ZOOM link

If you need help with Zoom, or of you cannot make it but you would like to have your say, contact us so we can arrange an interview.

Contact: somerstownhistory@gmail.com


The British Library Extension will be built behind the British Library on what is currently the Story Garden space. They are in the planning phase.
But there are plans for a new garden – what and how do you see that being run?

The History Club is developing a People’s Museum in Somers Town – we would like to hear your views on this as well as space in the British Library Extension.

The Somers Town History Club are running this community consultation on behalf of the British library.

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