Children’s Activities with Edith Neville Primary School

Two children holding paper posters.
Workshop at primary School

Throughout lockdown, Somers Town History Club have been working with Edith Neville Primary School on some fantastic online projects that can also be found in our Fantastic Tales of St Pancras activity book.

These projects will contribute to our much anticipated outdoor display on Phoenix Road, where the children will be showcasing their work and, presenting the history of Somers Town through their chosen themes such as Mary Wollstonecraft, women and medicine.

Edith Neville Primary School and the History Club worked closely with the Local Citizen Curriculum, where we set up fun and educational activities that focused on Somers Town for example, the Gilbert Bayes finials.

The children were given online guides on a range of different activities such as how to make a castle or a warm cottage out of empty egg boxes or bookmarks that were inspired by Bayes’ dragons.

Artist Melissa Fry, also taught the children about the seasons and the time in a short online video that used Bayes’ four seasons clock, which can be found inside the Sidney Estate in Somers Town. The children were able to design their own clocks and create their own stories using printable templates.

Once the schools had reopened, we finally got to visit and meet the children, where we carried out more fun and educational activities such as screen printing.

Melissa worked with children in Year 6 and reception and was very pleased with the creative work the children produced. She said it was lovely to see the difference in creativity and what Somers Town meant to them, as the children were at opposite ends of their primary education.

Watch out for more as we intend to display the work!

We are excited to work on future plans with the children in the upcoming months, as we create our outside Somers Town exhibition on Phoenix Road, where each year group from Edith Neville will be able to continue to contribute and design their own box.

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We’ll be adding more soon!


This project was kindly funded by the Local Connections Fund In Partnership with National Lottery Community Fund.

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