SPIRIT! Our exhibition on Phoenix Road!

Hoardings with posters on

Our display features spreads from our Spirit publications that show the faces and memories of Somers Town – the history that makes Somers Town the special place it is today.

Through journals that were developed via the use of photography, interviews and other forms of historical research, the History Club are able to present an exhibition that sheds a light on the very ‘SPIRIT’ of Somers Town from the early 1900’s up until the present day. With a bright new background, the spreads on display encourage a read (and a stroll) through the community’s history.

The wall introduces us to the much loved Irene Barclay and the beginnings of social housing, as well as, the memories of the locals who for example would utilise the location and carry luggage from Kings Cross to Euston for pocket money in the 40’s and 50’s.  

The display shows and teaches the value and the importance of pubs such as the Cock Tavern to Somers Town and how festivals and fairs were reintroduced in the 90’s to encourage unity in the community.

At one point, we were stopped by the police but a long-time local, George was able to diffuse the situation by pointing himself and his family out in photographs whilst sharing his memories of Somers Town.

We had a lovely day with the milk float and were delighted by how many people stopped to ask what we were doing, but also how many people offered their assistance and shared their interest in the history of Somers Town.

Our publications are still on sale!

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