Workshop on Bayes heritage

Interested in Gilbert Bayes local heritage?
On Saturday we are holding a Workshop.

We will talk about the heritage, then walk to see the remaining ‘finials’ then reconvene to compare and scan photos to create 3D digital models. See below for the agenda.

The aim of the workshop is to test photogrammetry to capture the Bayes’ sculpture within architectural settings.

The event will be held at 52 Phoenix Road, NW1 1ES from 10.45am. RSVP.


10:45            Meet
11:00- 11:20  Introduction to  photogrammetry, talk through the worksheet                     Download apps                      
11:15-12:00   St.Michaels Flats 3 x areas to capture: a) St.Christophers central finial and surrounding boats;
b) lunettes, cloak; c) ground area of absent washing poles and finials
12:00 – 12:30  Group A goes to St. Anne’s Court Flats                       capture Carpenters finials.
Group B to St. Mary’s Flats Virgin Mary ceramic lunette,  balcony side refiefs and fish tiles

12:30-12:45    Return to Space for us or wifi access next door
12:45 – 1:00   Process, models or download photographs for later                       processing.
1:00 – 1:20     Discuss results, feedback on the capture process and next stage
1:20 -1:45    
At the end of the workshop we will produce a composite digital sculpture made up of each 3D model taken from the workshop. 

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