We’ve been shortlisted!

Somers Town Space with editcollective submission for the London Festival of Architecture Competition to design an installation for Somers Town has been shortlisted.

We are delighted to work with the cutting edge female-led architecture practice, whose work was commisioned by the Barbican in 2021, and were invited to the Oslo Architecture Triennale with ‘Honey I’m Home‘ a piece about domestic labour.

It’s a perfect match – Somers Town’s radical histories are resonant with strong women: the first feminist, the first girls’ school and first women’s hospital – its social housing would not be here without the efforts of the UK’s first female surveyor.

And we are both all-female groups”

– Diana Foster, Founder of Somers Town Museum

Edit collective artwork collage of buildings

Edit is a feminist design collective, focusing on the enduring biases and hierarchies embedded into the environments surrounding us. ⁣Edit’s approach uses design as a tool to support more equal interactions, both during the design process and as an outcome of the finished project.

Edit’s current research project, Honey I’m Home, focuses on domestic design and how the layout and contents of our homes have the power to influence and maintain established gender and family roles.


Other projects by Edit include:

A Woman of Colour Enters the Workplace 

What’s radical now?

For more see www.editcollective.uk/index

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