Our next walk

Join us for a poetic walk about ‘Companionship’ on Thursday the 31st of March. Set off at 6pm at Somers Town Museum , 52 Phoenix Rd, Nw1 1ES for 18 ‘Associations’ around Chalton Street. Find out about William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft; and how the fairy tales behind St Pancras’ Art in Everyday life immortalise romantic and tragic stories.

Join us for this gentle stroll, led by Esther Leslie, who wrote the pieces in lockdown. The writings can be seen here.

Walk on donation tickets here.
Free tickets for club members – email us.

Godwin and Wollstonecraft a Somers Town companionship


  1. when is the next walk?
    and I had a note in my diary for THIS week that you are doing something (special?) about Gilbert Bayes – but I cannot find more info here

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