Group of walkers inner city.
Walk for North London Cares

We were asked by North London Cares to do a walk and Siobhan Bradshaw kindly agreed. She’s had rave reviews for her ‘Rebels’ walk – well done as Siobhan is a Camden Guide in training! Here’s the article: North London Winter of Wonderful Walks

We raised funds to support Siobhan, a Somers Town local, to be trained as a guide, so the Museum can provide guided walks.

Watch out for more as we have a full programme of walks for June’s London Festival of Architecture to celebrate the rich history of our area – radicals, social housing, reformers and rebels. Somers Town is on the map and the route for Camden destination with ACT – social justice as the theme. LFA.
With our narratives of Radicals Reformers and Un-common People we can’t think of a better place to be: the People’s Museum Somers Town! Opening in May 12th – watch that space!

Here she is!

Group of walkers inner city.
Siobhan takes North London Care walkers to Somers Town!

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