The 1980s!

Badgeland banner with badges from the 1980s such as Tories Out!

Our theme this February of strikes and the LGBTQ+ History month is Protest! in the 1980s. We’re well placed – next door to the first Camden Black Lesbian Centre, and our collection of radical posters.
We hosting a Book Launch as well as a poster + badges exhibition in the People’s Museum: A Space for Us!

Badgeland – Book Launch

Growing up a young socialist in Thatcher’s Britain was an uphill struggle – did the working classes care?

‘What do you do when your dad’s mates buy their council houses, read The Sun and vote Tory?’

Badgeland by Steve Rayson

Find out at on February the 22nd for a Book launch by Steve Rayson, socialist turned entreprenuer, author of The Fall of the Red Wall & Badgeland.

Bring your old badges to share!

Banner with Badgeland and a two books with a quote reading: 'What do you do growing up as a young socialist when your dad's mates buy their council houses, read the Sun and vote Tory?
Badgeland by Steve Rayson, 2023

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