Story Bike Taxi

a passenger bike with 2 childlren in it

So what is a Story Bike Taxi and why does the Museum have one?

Its a passenger electric bike – a fun sociable way of getting around, and we intend it to be a hyperlocal Somers Town service decorated in local histories style!

Well, as anyone living in Somers Town knows, transport disruptions are common and the lack of a bus to Camden’s GPs and shopping is an impossible barrier if you cannot walk far, cannot afford taxis and cannot wait for disabled ComCabs taxis, rarer than hen’s teeth.

So this is a sustainable form of transport, which offers an alternative friendly shared means of getting around in company: replaces polluting car journeys around the local area; ideal for less mobile and older people for short journeys or visits.

Can’t get to the shops easily? Or the GP? Or a community class? This service could be the answer.

It can bring people to the museum and accompany guided walks and walkabouts.

We wil be rolling out (sic!) the Bike soon and are looking for partner organisations. Here are some early adopters…

It reminds some of home!

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