2024: a centenary year

Modernist flats with drying posts topped by finials.
St Pancras Housing drying posts

2024 is the 100th anniversary of St Pancras Housing association, the local social housing project at the heart of the area. Arguably, today social housing in Somers Town is itself a radical act – and that is at the heart of our ‘A Space for us?‘ initiative.

The People’s Museum has a great programme with exciting events and activities to involve all our communities this year.

Centenary programme includes:

  • Irene Barclay UK’s 1st female surveyor Blue Plaque launch event in May, her birthday month. Watch this space!
  • 1. We are saving our art! – we’ll launch the ’art in everyday life’ Heritage Trail with architects editcollective installing a physical artworks on Phoenix Road and with virtual route, with CSM and stories. This will raise awareness of the loss of this important working class heritage, and Untold Stories is co-created with people who live here today. An accompanying book on Bangladeshi Folk tales / stories includes new voices in the place we live.
  • Outdoor Mural Community painting summer and Children Lanterns parade procession at the July Festival
  • Series of talks- ‘In conversations’ drawing together thinkers on St Pancras Housing as a radical act, and in the context of wider contemporary social housing issues, and Somers Town as a changing area, at risk urban working class community facing major development – With accompanying publication – September
  • Outdoor archival film projection Event & installation at St Mary’s church
  • Exhibition
  • Filming 10×10 – 10 objects and 10 people to tell the story of St Pancras housing


If you’d like to get involved by contributing, writing, or helping, please contact us or attend this meeting to find out more and discuss how we can support the place the housing ‘mission’ began: St Mary’s church, which is now at risk of demolition:

February 14th 4.30- 6.30 Valentines Day

People’s Museum 52 Phoenix Rd NW1 1ES

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