LFA Housing is not enough Walks

For the 2024 London Festival of Architecture we offer a day of walks is our Housing is not enough/ Not enough housing programme to commemorate social housing and the 2024 centenary of St Pancras housing.

Saturday 15th JUNE from 12pm

Choose from four introguing walks round Somers Town and look at:

Start and end at People’s Museum Somers /town 52 Phoenix Rd, London NW1 1ES

Urban change an area at risk?

a discursive walk through time and space by Professor Esther Leslie 12pm Book

Somers Town is at risk. Between the tracks and subject to development and the encroachment of tech companies and Knowledge Quarter institutions into a social housing enclave…is this the Frankenstein (local) Mary Shelley conjured?

Walk through layers of history and contested narratives about this space with ‘A Space for us’ author & co-founder Professor Esther Leslie and uncover the hidden radical /reformer/ uncommon people stories that make for an alternative narratives about this space from the eighteenth century émigrés, Irish railway workers, Pan-Africanists, rent strikers and Pearly Kings.

Tabori’s architect walk Oakshott Court

Built during the golden age of Camden’s Architect’s Department, Oakshott Court was designed by an emigre from the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, taken over by a Polish survivor of Auschwitz and completed by a leading Scottish architect.

By Fabien Watkinson.

‘Art in Everyday Life’ – the fairy tale Estates

Walk around ‘Art in Everyday Life’ – the fairy tale Estates by expert guide and museum director Steve McCarthy. Immerse yourself in a magical world where estates had fairy tale wonders. Explore the beauty that Gilbert Bayes created for ordinary people on St Pancras Housing estates in Doultonware ceramics.

Follow a new heritage route with AR elements created around the key estates in this year – the centenary of St Pancras Housing.

The walk will start and end at the People’s Museum, where you can see a display of originals and hear the mystery of the loss and restitution of art and campaign to save our art!

Social Housing Echoes of Karl Marx Hof

This guided tour takes an insider view of the compehensive vision of the listed Modernist social housing Ossulston Estate, with drying rooms, Tenants Halls, giving insight into the ambitious scheme, by local resident and founder of a museum to preserve a different legacy in Somers Town at risk of development from its location and the Knowledge Quarter.

Estate from the air.

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