The Gilbert Bayes placed his ‘‘Art in everyday life’ on drying posts where people did their washing. Below are examples of his work in Somers Town/ St Pancras. Our aim is to preserve his ‘art in everyday life’ – join in our competition and find out more on May 30th.

What does ‘art in everyday life‘ for you today? in Lockdown?
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competition #artineverydaylife

Do you know which fairy tale or story each relates to?

Ceramic lunette.
Ceramic lunette of the Princess and the Swineherd
A ceramic devil with head in his hands.
The devil
St Pancras Housing - Sidney Estate
St Pancras Housing – Sidney Estate
Madonna statue.
St Christopher’s nursery – damaged and lost
Bird finials atop pink washing on lines.
Washing on lines
Ceramic Lunette by Gilbert Bayes of a lady and Goose
Ceramic detail of a young man and woman about to kiss.
Outside of flats, with decorative detail.
St Mary’s flats – detail.