Save our art!

Gilbert Bayes placed ‘‘Art in everyday life’ on estates where ordinary people lived.
Our aim is to protect and restore Bayes’ ‘art in everyday life’ where it belongs – in Somers Town / St Pancras.

Sadly, many finials – details on top of drying posts – have gone – presumed stolen. We estimate over 80 are missing.
We would like to replace the missing finials with replicas.

We are embarking on this project in 2022 and have raised funds.

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Ceramic lunette.
Ceramic lunette of the Princess and the Swineherd
A ceramic devil with head in his hands.
The devil
St Pancras Housing - Sidney Estate
St Pancras Housing – Sidney Estate
Madonna statue.
St Christopher’s nursery – damaged and lost
Bird finials atop pink washing on lines.
Ceramic Lunette by Gilbert Bayes of a lady and Goose
Ceramic detail of a young man and woman about to kiss.
Outside of flats, with decorative detail.
St Mary’s flats – detail.

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