Art for the people’s soul

Madonna statue.

The vicar of St Mary’s wrote a wonderful letter in response to the damage of the finials, asking for preservation. ” I give my full support to the idea of creating a Somers Town museum which would celebrate our district’s rich and important history, including Father Jellicoe’s ground-breaking model of social housing which insisted that […]

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What happened to the art for the people?

Damaged finial on ground.

Much heated conversation about the missing ‘finials’ that decorated drying posts in St Pancras flats in Somers Town. A number had witnessed the destruction and taking of the finials over the years. “People did used to steal them overnight sometimes, you would go out on the balcony and see another metal post instead of the […]

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Fantastic event – Follow up next week!

Crowd at Event.

Saturday’s Bayes event was one of our most well- attended – a great success. With the filmmaker present to talk about and show a film of the life of the artist who transformed Somers Town, we pieced together the tale of ‘what happened’ to the finials – stolen, damaged and neglected. It felt, as one […]

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Irene Barclay for a Blue plaque?

Irene Barclay was a local legend – a pioneer in social housing, the first female surveyor in England in 1922, and a women who transformed the living conditions of thousands of poor in Somers Town and London, through her work in slum clearance, her surveys, and founding many housing Associations. So we feel a Blue […]

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Changing landscape of St Pancras

Old Workhouse building.

Should we save visible reminders of our history or should it be swept away in the interests of progress? The landscape of the old St Pancras Hospital is to change as the winning architects of the new hospital unveil designs for the relocated Moorfields Eye Hospital, to be on this site. But do we want […]

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