• 2023 Poetry Workshop lighting installation Chalton Street a collaboration with Robert Mongtomery and Camden Unlimited (Euston BID funded)
  • 2023 GLA Courtyard Stories to work with architecture collective editcollective on community-led heritage trail ‘Hanging the stories’ as part of with AR virtual and physical elements 
  • 2023 ‘Echoes of Place’ Starcross Heritage trail Commissioned by  Camden Council for to produce interactive response to the site including QR codes and audio content and dibond boards heritage trail
  • 2022 Climate action to salvage Gothic Victorian Iron gates form old Goods Yard; now saved to be reused in a development of flats instead of new gates
  • 2022 Mural project for London Festival of Architecture with four artists over 5 weekends with : Community co-design workshops with our youth Collective on Somers Town themes: Radical Reformer Un-common people histories: as a result this case study led to Diana Foster being  in Radical Changemaker finalist in Museum Change lives Museum Association 2022 
  • 2022 London Festival of Architecture Somers Town programme Commissioned by Camden Council:  Final weekend: Decolonising Dinner +  Auction “Selling off Somers Town” + Radical Screen printing throughout Festival 
  • 2022 Lost/Found Somers Town Exhibition of object making up museum based on found objects Radicals Reformers and Un-common People
  • 2019 -21 Co-creation of Museum  is a community produced project by a network of artists/ writers and local contributors over 6 years of work co -design with Pop Up Milk Float estate outreach Opened museum on Phoenix Road May 2022
  • 2021 Mural project in Lockdown19 Companions by Esther Leslie Artwork Diana Foster
  • 2020 Mural project in Lockdown Outdoor Festivals 20 posters
  • 2020 Mural project in Lockdown Sprit! 21 Posters MADE OF SOMERS TOWN (aka we are not Kings Cross)
  • July 2019 Pop up museum at Somers Town Festival of Cultures in British Library Poetry Circle
  • 2020 -21 Woven Together project with Bengali artist Joy in Weaving collboration of weaving local names with community outreach
  • 2020 Schools history project art on display online in lockdown hoardings 
  • 2020 Radicial Screenprinting outdoors in lockdown on estates
  • 2016 Somers Town Futures With Architects for social housing;  Fimmaker Sue Crockford, Tom Young; Fran Heron Slaney Devlin and locals talking about the change in Somers Town
  • 2018 Art in Everyday Life workshops and guided walk on Working class heritage Gilbert Bayes lost  /stolen ceramic Art in Everyday life. Werking with ceramic artist making clay objects
  • 2013 – 2019 Festivals of Cultures – Photo completion Then and now with with START Somers Town Arts and 
  • 2014-6 Spirit! Ethnographic documentary Film based on oral histories work of 60 oral histories with UCL ethnographic filmmakers
  • 2018 Then and Now people’s Photo competetion
  • 2013 Somers Town Wishes participatory film project and hoarding display on Francis Crick Institute Building site and online website

Documentation of some of above projects. Further materials available on request.